Good Morning

Today is Sunday. At a glance, one would see piles of laundry, random toys, smelly puddles that have dripped from forgotten bottles, and so many smiles. Life is so much more than work. In my thoughts, work isn’t fun. Yes, some work is necessary, and some work can make you happy, but I truly believe in picking what you do.  I don’t want to spend my whole life washing dishes, folding clothes, and mopping up spills. I want to work to achieve.  All the household chores are just parts of life. However, on Sundays…no work, just life.

Sunday is supposed to be the day of rest, right? My husband is welding up our farm truck today. We have a borderline dilapidated Tacoma that we are going to use as our off-road vehicle. Once it is more drivable and sturdy, we are going to be able to use it for hauling materials out to the Land.

We are getting ready to start purchasing materials to build a bridge. We have a beautiful meandering creek that really adds such life to the Land, but the only issue is that it is right at the beginning of the property line. All structures will have to be past the creek, which means we will have to be able to safely drive across. The bridge is going to be an expensive project, but it’s where we have to start to accomplish anything else.

This is what we have done so far in bridgework— just simple foot bridges. It’s time to grow. This was the first one done almost 2 years ago completely by hand and a 4-wheeler.



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