We are rough on chainsaws. My husband has always loved cutting with chainsaws, and he’s very good with them. However, he likes to make them give all they’ve got. That makes us go through them at a rapid pace.  Our land is roughly 22 acres. When we started clearing, it was completely wooded- no empty areas except creek bed. The trees are even growing on the creek banks. It is COMPLETELY covered.  The trees are mostly 6″ in diameter at the smallest because some of it was sold for timber 30 years ago—but everything has grown back now and is flourishing. My husband picked a tree, set his saw and began cutting a clearing, and we’ve been moving little by little that way ever since- no machinery. Just a man and his saw. Well…saws.


We are paycheck-to-paycheck people, so we haven’t been able to invest in a saw that can give as hard as hubby wants it to run. We’ve purchased 3 saws in the last 3 years and only one is left running on its very last limb (limb, chainsaw, cutting trees? get it? ok, sorry lol).

The first saw we bought was a Poulan Pro from Tractor Supply Co. at Christmas time. It was on sale for $99. It was even smaller than this one–> Poulan Pro  It lasted a little while…Not a bad saw at all for doing basic cutting. That saw bit the dust when Hubby used it to rip boards from 12 inch logs to go on the walls of our goat shelter. It basically incinerated itself being used so hard and continuously. Let me throw it out there- we’re not dumb- we know these saws aren’t made to run like I’m describing, but we don’t have the money to get a big, bad beast like we need. RIP Poulan.

The next saw was a reconditioned Homelite from Home Depot. I’m pretty sure it was around $65, but this link will take you to a similar one. Homelite- Home Depot  Once again, great saw, but not the size and stamina that we need. We purchased this one to by my saw- I’m not a big woman, it’s the perfect size for me or for standard work on cutting branches or smaller trees. It has really served us well and that sucker is still puttering a bit, but it has issues with the bar and chain. It was a 14″ to start with also, and Hubby replaced that with an 18″ bar because we simply need a bigger saw.

Last Christmas, we decided to spend $150 on a brand we’d never heard of, but that was as much money as we could spare at the time. We bought a Timberpro that we found on eBay… Timberpro Let’s just say we got the $150 back out of it, but no more.

I say all this because readers have to be thinking we are crazy—how can they be clearing 22 acres essentially by hand and making any progress? The 1983 Husqvarna. My father-in-law bought this saw in 1983. It is the best of all our saws by far. It runs without fail, it starts every time. It tears down trees at the best pace, and it is 34 years old! It is older than we are! That tells you something about the brand. That Husky is our greatest asset and has by far been the best return on a purchase. My father-in-law used that saw from 32 years before he ever passed it on to my husband. It is still going strong and helping our family to grow. We don’t have money to spare. We are doing good to get groceries, pay bills, and barely have any left to save. However, if this homestead dream is going to go forward, we have to buy a new Husqvarna. That is the only way. Those folks know how to make a saw. In a future blog, I’ll upload some videos to compare. Nothing cuts like a Husky.

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