In a previous post I mentioned that we have to get across the creek before we can do anything really big in the push to get onto the Land.  I’m at home with the kids today. It’s rainy. It’s the first really cold/cool day. (you can’t really compare our cold to normal cold- we are in central Alabama) My husband is getting ready to go over to the Land and do some creek work.  As I sit here at the kitchen table, loving the silence before the storm (kids wake up) I realize that bridging the creek is a metaphor for where we are with our homestead.  We are literally and figuratively standing on the edge, looking over to where we want to be, but with such a huge gap to cross.  Our foot bridges do the trick for our daily work. We are just in the path building, land clearing, planning phase. However, if we are ever going to be able to get equipment to the main area of our Land, we have to have  substantial bridge.

Metaphorically, that’s where we are as well. We have such huge dreams and goals, but there are huge obstacles that we will have to cross before we can get there.

Money- We both work full time and have to work full time to survive, so there’s no option of quitting our jobs to get more time in on the Land. We have to work and then go work on the dream in our precious few off moments.

Money-  To build a bridge that would support trucks, tractors, etc., we need supplies.  We have looked into the idea of a culvert that has been _____

What about steel I-beams?

What is our best option for affordability and strength?

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