Here’s my sappy Thanksgiving post.

Every once in a while I get a big wake up call. I tend to take how incredibly blessed I am for granted. I can get so swept up in wanting, that I stop appreciating.  My husband gets to go work on the Land SO much more than I do. I get pouty about it. It was mine! We only have it because of ME! I want to be out there cutting and playing and dreaming. Instead, I stay home and watch the kids. Indoors. I get to go over for 20 minutes and look at what he’s done and play excited, but it is just not the same. It makes me so jealous even though I logically know that I am benefiting. If he didn’t go work, no progress would be made, but I still want to be a part of the progress. I want to do it, and I just can’t because we have a 2 year old and a 1 year old and the Land is just not at the point where it is safe to let them roam while we are chainsawing and bushhogging, etc… It will never be ready for them if I don’t let him go work…See the cycle?

I named our homestead Halcyon because of its meaning. A perfect, complete and blissful happiness. However, when I get hung up on how much I don’t get to go enjoy it, I am not appreciating what I do have.  I am blessed beyond measure.

I have two beautiful, perfect, healthy and strong children who keep me busy because they are such happy creatures who always want to be with me, near me, on me 🙂

I have a strong, loving, dedicated, hard-working, smoking-hot husband who wants to clear my Land for me as a hobby, after working full -time all week long. He wants to build our dream. He does it for me. For me.

I have Land. Land. I have a part of the Earth where we can have a blank slate to create our own Halcyon Homestead.

Time goes so fast. Others would trade anything to have my problems instead of theirs. Instead of pouting that I can’t go, I need to be grateful for what I have, and start working on how I can get us all there. I’ve got to figure out how I can bring the kids and still get work done. It’s their Land, too. The original homesteaders had babies galore romping around their Land. It can be done.


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