New Year, New Focus

It’s time to get moving. We have opened up what we call the “bottom land”. It’s complete. This has shown us that with nothing but motivation and a chainsaw we really can turn these woods into our homestead. We don’t have a lot of free time to work, but when we do, it is time to start prioritizing and making sure the moments we are there to work really count.

Where are we going from here?

January: trail begun that will lead from the bottomland up to the ridge which will be our first campsite.  On the ridge/campsite area there is a dip toward the edge which we are going to turn into a burn area. It is shaped like a miniature amphitheater in the side of the hill so the campsite will be just above that. From there we can actually see all of the bottom land out to the railroad bed which is our border. It is sort of like being able to survey our kingdom from above.  Pictures to come as we get started



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