The Beginning

I’m starting this blog as a way to document our journey. This isn’t the beginning of our journey by a long shot, but it is the beginning of a shift. I am a 30 year old wife, mother, sister, daughter, friend, and teacher. I have two adorable children. I have a 2(almost 3) year old little girl, and a handful of a little boy who just turned one. I have a hot, hot husband who I can legitimately call my best friend, and I have my dream job. I have so much. I am thankful for so much. We have reached the point in our life where we have attained all the good non-material things that some people only dream of ever having.

The shift is where we are going to start working toward some of our WANTS over needs.  These WANTS are not shallow things either. This blog isn’t going to be about how we cut our budget to afford flashy cars, or freezer meals so that I can have that monthly fashion subscription.

My husband and I have always shared the same dream. From our first date, we have known that someday we would have a homestead of our own, on land of our own and we will have accomplished it on our own.

I’ll tell the full story in a later blog, but we are now beginning the real work on getting what we WANT. Our homestead. Not just a house, not just a home, but a place where the work and hours and sweat and joy and frustration go to us, not to an outside job. We want this homestead to eventually generate our income so that we can live, love, and learn by the values we share and the dreams we know that we are yet to accomplish.

We named our Land (capitalized for a reason that I’ll explain later), The Halcyon Homestead. I am a teacher, but I’ll admit I didn’t even know what the word meant to start. Instead, I searched backward.  I typed in, “a feeling of complete and utter joy and satisfaction.” Halcyon.  That’s what we feel when we are on our land, and that’s the goal of building our homestead. We are such a happy family and we have all those things already. So why keep pushing? Because it’s human nature. We don’t want to live in a box, dependent on technology and trying desperately to keep our kids off the iPad and outside. We want them to grow up totally immersed in nature (but able to come back in to watch a movie at night 😉 It is 2017, after all!).

Our homestead is going to be a place where others can go and feel that perfect happiness.

Land. It is all that really matters. It’s our belief that God created all we ever needed when he gave us the Land, and if we can learn to go back to living from the land, and share that knowledge then we will have given back in a way that we couldn’t just living our daily routine. Society has been skewed from the original plan set out by the Creator. The Halcyon Homestead’s goal is to get back as closely to the original plan as possible while still living in today’s world. Perhaps through our pursuit of Halcyon, my circle of influence can spread and help others reach it as well.

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